Friday, October 23, 2009

A Butterfly's Request

Hold me
Just one more time
Lead me
Into the night
Tell me
That I’m the one
And take me,
However you want,
Just as long as you,
Keep me there in your heart.

One Wish

One Wish

Wishing on a star,
My heart so yearned
To find not true love,
Nor love be returned,
But gray skies be blue
Over his head,
Not ribbons of satin,
Or gowns of gold,
But a song to calm him,
And a hand to hold.
Not even trinkets,
Baubles and chimes,
But luck forever,
And never ending good times.
Not carriages grand,
Or shoes of silver,
But someone to mind him,
And love without falter.

A Dream

A Dream

My heart it burst into flames,

The moment you said

You love him,

The pieces,

And all that was left,

Were all turned into ashes.

This heart, although it beats

Beats only for you,

Has found emptiness

And fear and sorrow,

That trying to be sleeping,

Would seem like dreaming,

Dreaming with a broken heart.

And I’d be damned if I see,

Your face smiling

Right back at me,

Or your hands holding mine,

As we blankly pass the time.

And if this goes on everyday:

My heart aching,

His name you’re speaking,

Then I guess I will have to let my heart


Until all that’s left

Are not ashes nor fire,

But remnants of yearning,

And caring and loving,

Until you see,

That solace you needed,

Was all in me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



My heart, it beats
Like the second hand
Of a very old clock:
So slow, so heavy,
So empty of energy.
My hands, they sway
Like tattered red ribbons
Blowing away in the air:
So weak, so flimsy,
So empty of grace and beauty.
My feet, they step
Like old wood,
A cane:
So graceless, so stiff
So dull and rigid.
Your eyes, they stare
And fuel my heart
Til it pumped and pumped
And I felt my flowing blood.
Your sweat, it sears
My skin and burns my veins,
Til it ate away my fears,
And set my soul on fire.

Dancing Alone

Whenever I am dancing,
I pretend I’m not alone,
I try to keep imagining
Though I know I’m on my own.
It’s hard when all eyes are staring,
And mindful of your moves,
At times I feel like falling,
And forgetting all the grooves
When I point my toes up in the air,
I pretend there’s a hand to hold,
Someone who’s bold enough to care,
When the stage just feels so cold. . .
Whenever I am dancing,
And the stage’s just too big for one,
I see him beside me, dancing,
Like I was never really alone. . .
And the entire world can see,
All the real best that was in me,
For it started with this someone,
Who truly believed in me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hanggang Bukas na Lang *abangan*

Panandaliang namahinga si Cassandra.
Ngunit, isang nakasisilaw na ilaw ang nanggising sa kaniyang panandaliang paghimlay.
Minulat niya ang kaniyang mga mata, at sa kabila ng pagiging mapungay ng mga ito, mayroon siyang nakita.
Pag-ihip ng hangin sa mga puno at bulaklak, tila ba tangan rin nito ang mga alaala ng kaniyang mga pighati't halakhak.
"Hanggang bukas na lang Cassandra. Hanggang bukas na lang."