Friday, October 23, 2009

A Dream

A Dream

My heart it burst into flames,

The moment you said

You love him,

The pieces,

And all that was left,

Were all turned into ashes.

This heart, although it beats

Beats only for you,

Has found emptiness

And fear and sorrow,

That trying to be sleeping,

Would seem like dreaming,

Dreaming with a broken heart.

And I’d be damned if I see,

Your face smiling

Right back at me,

Or your hands holding mine,

As we blankly pass the time.

And if this goes on everyday:

My heart aching,

His name you’re speaking,

Then I guess I will have to let my heart


Until all that’s left

Are not ashes nor fire,

But remnants of yearning,

And caring and loving,

Until you see,

That solace you needed,

Was all in me.

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