Saturday, January 23, 2010


Feigning numbness,
I let you lean against
My heaving chest,
Not minding
My heartbeat racing,
Ever calling,
Your disyllabic name.
Feigning coldness,
I let you gently pull me,
Close to your dear heart,

Feigning deafness,
I do not hear,
Your sweet heartbeat calling mine.

My heart to yours,
With nothing less than love,
For you to keep,
Or break apart.
To give away,
Or to make a start.

Feigning boredom,
I yawn so loud,
You  caught my mouth,
You felon, that kiss
You stole,
Was it not enough,
That you stole my heart?

Feigning anger,
I look away. . .
Those three words,
I could not say.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Time Set Me Free

Time set me free,
And cast away all the burdens I feel
Cure this forlorn heart of mine:
Is loving you truly a crime?

Time set me free,
And take every inch of sadness here in me,
Hold my hand in place of his:
Could love be any harder than this?

Time set me free,
Fill my emptiness with vials and vials of glee,
Sing to me a song of joy:
Make me forget about this boy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


You’ve come into
my Stream
Of consciousness once –
My heart has widely
Opened for you,
to come
as I tightly
envelOp you
with my deep love.

We’ve overcome
so many
Ups –
and downs
and we’ll be
overcoming some more
as we drive
in –
and out,
in and out
of the tunnel called love.

Feel the roundness of my love:
Unending, Unceasing, Unfailing
Feel the pounding of my heart when you’re near,
Undulating, Unduly Unafraid

I feel the weight of your concerns, Leave them all to me,
And I will take them in, everything, openheartedly.

For you are
what love

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puso't Balota

Ang ingay sa labas
Nasasaktan ako
Hindi ko naman naririnig ang boses mo.

Ang ingay sa labas
Ginugulo ako,
Hindi ko naman nakikita ang layon mo.

Ang ingay sa labas,
Pipe na ba’ang lahat? Pero iba-iba’ang sinasabi.

Ang ingay sa labas,
Maraming pang basura,
Pati nga ba naman ikaw, dinungisan nila.

Ang ingay sa labas,
At ika’y sumisigaw,
Ngunit ang dinig lamang ay mga pigil na hiyaw.

Bakit sila maingay?
Diwa mo ba’y di na taglay?
Bakit sila maingay?
O sadyang ‘di lang ako sanay? . . .

. . .kung dapat bang masanay.