Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(the writer's second attempt at spoken word poetry)

I stand here, in front of you,
Through the glass window, I see you,
And stare at you lovingly,  I do.

Longing to hold you hand, I beckon
The warm winds to bring you close
The singing birds to whisper my words of love,
To you, my dearest, my everlasting song.

Wishing to be next to you, I reconcile
With the earth to pull me near,
And land me right at your side:
You know I’ll always be here.

If I could, I would open my arms
And enclose you in these boughs of love.
So that when the cold winds blow,
And when the wave grow strong,
You would be safe, you won’t be alone.

I stand here, in front of you,
Through the swivel door, I hear you,
And wait for you to call my name, I do.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My lips tremble as I speak your name,
Careful not to break into tears, I take a deep breath
Hold me, I tell you, as you walk into the room
You sigh, and understand: this is another round
Perhaps another sad movie,
Perhaps another heartbreaking song.
Or maybe fear, or maybe guilt.
You hold me anyway, and wipe away my tears,
And you never ask me why, you just know
Because you always know why; hence I love you so.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11

The grey skies, they beckoned
a morning of stillness, silence, chills.
I opened my eyes, and tried to ignore
the news that awaited me.
Defied my fears, I did;
the anxiety I could not bear.
So I opened the note,
held my breath,
whispered a prayer,
peeked once,
peeked twice:
NO, I could not deny what it bore,
nor could I wish it unread.

Closing the note, I sighed,
Told myself, at least I tried.

The grey skies parted,
And made way for the sunlight:
I too shall find my grey clouds part
On my way to a brighter path.