Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(the writer's second attempt at spoken word poetry)

I stand here, in front of you,
Through the glass window, I see you,
And stare at you lovingly,  I do.

Longing to hold you hand, I beckon
The warm winds to bring you close
The singing birds to whisper my words of love,
To you, my dearest, my everlasting song.

Wishing to be next to you, I reconcile
With the earth to pull me near,
And land me right at your side:
You know I’ll always be here.

If I could, I would open my arms
And enclose you in these boughs of love.
So that when the cold winds blow,
And when the wave grow strong,
You would be safe, you won’t be alone.

I stand here, in front of you,
Through the swivel door, I hear you,
And wait for you to call my name, I do.

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