Monday, September 12, 2011


I took some pen and paper,
Tried to put some words together    
Alas! None.

Dozed off for a bit, then tried for it:
Hopeless, I was better in my dreams.

Threw my pen away.
Crumpled the paper.
Made strong coffee.
Ate some bread.
Watched the news.

I took once again, the pen, and new sheets,
Tried to put some dreams together,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Speak to me,
Let me hold your hand and speak to me.
Here I am,
Ready to listen,
Lean on me ~
Do not be afraid.

The words you do not say,
Speak louder than those you do,
I know the tides are uneasy:
Here I am to hold on to.

Speak to me,
No matter what, just speak to me.
Just like old friends, come on
and speak to me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You’ll never find another man like him.
He’s someone who’ll stare you deep in the eye ‘til your heart melts,
and he wasn’t saying anything yet.
It’s his way of making you feel protected because he’s watching you,
his way of showing he is interested with whatever you’re saying, wearing, doing.
He’s got the hands of a thousand angels,
soft and light, comfortable to hold,
warm solace in a night so cold.
Those hands hold you like there’s nothing to be afraid of,
those hands write love letters and poems and make silly works of art,
Those hands fit perfectly in the gaps of mine.
You’ll never find another man like him.
His arms embrace you like a cradle of a child,
his chest feels like warm and fluffy marshmallows bundled in one,
that when you lean on him as you caress, you feel like falling even more in love.
Those lips will plant a kiss on your forehead, and you will like it,
even when you never liked it before because it makes you feel like a child.
Though tired his strong legs will chase you when you want to play games,
though tired he will walk with you for hours in circles even when you don’t want to talk.
You’ll never find another man like him.
He’s got feet that will dance with you even when he doesn’t know how to,
but will try to learn so he’ll be your partner.
You’d want to be with him all day, all night because with him, the world feels right,
that you get envious of his shadow for being always there with him,
that you’d wish to become smaller than he can keep you in his bag,
then grow again so that you can hug him for hours.
He’ll let you stare back at his eyes, and you will conceal your excitement,
Andt those lips will whisper in your ear that you’re his, and you’ll agree,
Because he’s got the perfect man, and you know you’re lucky.
Lucky because you were meant to be.
You’ll never find another man like him.
There’s just one in this world, and he’s made for me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Butterfly and Star

She flapped her wings into the silky night sky
Afraid of the dark she was,
Now have kissed that fear goodbye.
Amidst her flight she looked below,
No longer afraid to drop so low.
Strength she found in the light above,
Evolved and pruned in the arms of love.
The sun may hide that star's pearly light,
But to her, it's forever -

Even when out of sight.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


and so written you have, such writings you have shared,
but write about you, has anyone dared?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Paano kita mamahalin?

Paano kita mamahalin?

Pilit kitang inaangkin, pilit ka namang hihilahin,
Akala ko ba'y malaya kitang yayakapin?
Maylikha ang nagpataw, hindi ka naman binibitaw,
Sabihin mo sa akin,
Ikaw ba'y tunay na nagtitiwala sa akin?

Paano kita mamahalin, sa paraang kaya ko?
Kaya kitang mahalin, tapat at buo,
Ngunit pag-ibig ko ba’y matatanggap mo?

Una pa lang kitang nakita, ako’y bihag mo na,
Sarili’y iginapos: hindi na kakawala,
Ngunit pagmamahal kong narito, nadarama mo ba?

Paano kita mamahalin, sa paraang kaya ko,
Kung kay dami rin ng iyong mga kasiphayo?

Minamahal kita, ipinagpalit ang iba,
Nang mangyaring pagmamahal ko, iyo ring sinta,
Tinuring una, tinalo ang iba,
Habang pagmamahal ko,
Tinutukoy ng iba’y wala.

Malaki raw ang entablado,
Para magsama, ikaw at ako,
Ngunit, ang sikip-sikip naman ng ginagalawan ko.
Malaya raw akong makakasayaw,
Ngunit ang musika, ang musika’y ‘di iisa!

Paano sasayaw sa musikang ‘di iisa,
Kung ang paa lamang ay dadal’wa?

Paano kita mamahalin, sa paraang kaya ko,
Kung sa lahat ng nagawa, ni isa hindi nakita?

Nilangoy ang dagat, binago ang alamat,
Wari’y damhin mo, wala nang saki’y tatapat.
Pagmamahal kong taglay, wagas at tunay.
Pagmamahal kong tangan, hindi ka naman pinabayaan.

Saktan man ng paulit-ulit,
Heto pa rin, sa iyo'y nakakabit,
Dugo'y ubos, puso'y lunos,
Ngunit pagmamahal sayo, hinding-hindi nauubos.

Paano kita mamahalin, sa paraang kaya ko,
Tinig ko’y dinggin, maliit man kung tutuusin,
Kailan ka nga ba tunay na magpapamahal sa akin?


Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's been three years since we first met.
Only now we have known our fate.


Unwrapped, you shall be, as days start to unfold
Faint hearts, be ready for stories about to be told.

Take heart.