Thursday, July 14, 2011

You’ll never find another man like him.
He’s someone who’ll stare you deep in the eye ‘til your heart melts,
and he wasn’t saying anything yet.
It’s his way of making you feel protected because he’s watching you,
his way of showing he is interested with whatever you’re saying, wearing, doing.
He’s got the hands of a thousand angels,
soft and light, comfortable to hold,
warm solace in a night so cold.
Those hands hold you like there’s nothing to be afraid of,
those hands write love letters and poems and make silly works of art,
Those hands fit perfectly in the gaps of mine.
You’ll never find another man like him.
His arms embrace you like a cradle of a child,
his chest feels like warm and fluffy marshmallows bundled in one,
that when you lean on him as you caress, you feel like falling even more in love.
Those lips will plant a kiss on your forehead, and you will like it,
even when you never liked it before because it makes you feel like a child.
Though tired his strong legs will chase you when you want to play games,
though tired he will walk with you for hours in circles even when you don’t want to talk.
You’ll never find another man like him.
He’s got feet that will dance with you even when he doesn’t know how to,
but will try to learn so he’ll be your partner.
You’d want to be with him all day, all night because with him, the world feels right,
that you get envious of his shadow for being always there with him,
that you’d wish to become smaller than he can keep you in his bag,
then grow again so that you can hug him for hours.
He’ll let you stare back at his eyes, and you will conceal your excitement,
Andt those lips will whisper in your ear that you’re his, and you’ll agree,
Because he’s got the perfect man, and you know you’re lucky.
Lucky because you were meant to be.
You’ll never find another man like him.
There’s just one in this world, and he’s made for me.

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