Saturday, January 23, 2010


Feigning numbness,
I let you lean against
My heaving chest,
Not minding
My heartbeat racing,
Ever calling,
Your disyllabic name.
Feigning coldness,
I let you gently pull me,
Close to your dear heart,

Feigning deafness,
I do not hear,
Your sweet heartbeat calling mine.

My heart to yours,
With nothing less than love,
For you to keep,
Or break apart.
To give away,
Or to make a start.

Feigning boredom,
I yawn so loud,
You  caught my mouth,
You felon, that kiss
You stole,
Was it not enough,
That you stole my heart?

Feigning anger,
I look away. . .
Those three words,
I could not say.

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