Monday, March 1, 2010


First  of all, I want to say that I am
So in love with you and I don’t believe that you’re
Not sorry because you left me for
I know it’s not true, and I also don’t believe that
you were never there for me.
I’m still so in love with you anyway.
Sometimes, I just want to walk behind you
And guard you from evil friends who taunt you
And stab you on the back to take revenge on you
For they want to do it
Because you hurt me so much that you deserve hell.
Don’t worry, no matter what they say and do,
I’ll keep on watching over and loving you
Just how I used to, before I met you, and not
With coldness and anger and hatred.
I have forgiven you with all of my heart,
And with all my strength I want to hold
Your body close to me, and take away the hands that take
Your neck and choke you, because you
Don’t deserve to be mistreated and be told that you
Are nothing, worthless and useless.

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